Saturday, March 18, 2023


TAVR Summit

7:30amRegistration / Continental Breakfast
Vaquero Ballroom Foyer
7:55amWelcome and Opening Remarks
William W. O'Neill; Mark Reisman, MD
Arizona Ballroom, Level 1


Moderators: William W. O'Neill, MD and Mark Reisman, MD
Panelists: James B. Hermiller, MD; Dawn Hui, MD; John M. Lasala, MD, PhD; Molly Szerlip, MD

Complications Over Coffee: My Worst, Most Challenging TAVR EVER!

8:00 amCase #1

Molly Szerlip, MD

8:10 amCase #2

John M. Lasala, MD, PhD

8:20 amCase #3

Dawn Hui, MD

8:30 amPanel Discussion: Managing TAVR Complications

Debate I: TAV Selection: The Routine Choice is Clear

Moderators: James B. Hermiller, MD and Mark Reisman, MD
Panelists: Katherine B. Harrington, MD; Michael J. Reardon, MD; Rahul Sharma, MD

8:40 amThe Best Choice: Clearly S3

Katherine B. Harrington, MD

8:50 amNo Way: You Should be Using Evolut

Steven J. Yakubov, MD

9:00 amDiscussion and Rebuttals
9:10 amThe Portico Self-Expanding Platforms

James B. Hermiller

Optimal Implant Technique: Stick the Landing, Avoid a Pacemaker

9:22 amEvolut

Kendra Grubb, MD

9:30 amSAPIEN S3

Alok Sharma, MD

9:38 am


Mark Reisman, MD

9:45 am


TAVR II: Taped TAVR Cases

Moderators: James B. Hermiller, MD and Mark Reisman, MD
Panelists: Ashish Pershad, MD; David G. Rizik, MD; Carlos E. Sanchez, MD

10:00 amStep-by-Step: Perfect Commissural Alignment with Neo2

David G. Rizik, MD

10:15 amViV: Balloon-Assisted: Basilica (Step-by-Step)

Carlos E. Sanchez, MD

10:30 amTAVR in Aortic Insufficiency

Ashish Pershad, MD

TAVR III: Hot Topics

Moderators: David G. Rizik, MD
Panelists: Adam B. Greenbaum, MD; Kendra Grubb, MD; Katherine B. Harrington, MD; James B. Hermiller, MD; Michael J. Reardon, MD; Mark Reisman, MD; Robert D. Riley, MD; Jonathan G. Schwartz, MD

10:45 amTAVR Repeatability: Coronary Access Today and Planning for Future TAV-in-TAV Tomorrow

Adam B. Greenbaum, MD

10:55 amVIV TAVR: The How-To of Fracturing the Valve and Protecting the Coronaries

Matthew W. Sherwood, MD

11:05 amTAVR in Bicuspid AS: When to Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em

Neil M. Gheewala, MD

11:15 amPutting it all Together: TAVR Best Practices – From Implant to Early DC

Jonathan G. Schwartz, MD

11:30 amLooking Into the Crystal Ball: The Future of Aortic Valve Replacement

Michael J. Reardon, MD

11:45 amPanel Discussion and Closing Remarks